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Happy Valley Hash House Harriers

Happy Valley Hash runs for the next few weeks

This information is subject to change at short notice. 

If this is your first Hash please confirm the RV with the Run Master on 99405886 or Hash Words on 99456714.

The best way to keep informed is to subscribe to the HVH mailing list

106515th February 2024Ann and Clive - Valentine's RunTBC
106622nd February 2024Owen and JackieMelanda Heights
106729th February 2024Chris, Joe and PeterPheasant Farm
10687th March 2024Lydene and Richard - OnOn After Leontis Taverna, KolossiKouris Dam
106914th March 2024Bernie and ElainiKouris Dam
107021st March 2024Peter and RonniPissouri Bay
107128th March 2024Mike and ChrissieKantou
10724th April 2024Tina and Jim - On-On at Antonis, AvdimouNorth Paramali
107311th April 2024Sarah and PaulPrastio
107418th April 2024May and MalcolmCurium Beach M1
107525th April 2024Sarah and TinaTBC
10762nd May 2024Mike and IanWater Towers Ypsonas
10779th May 2024TommyTBC
107816th May 2024CliveZanadja